Recipe: Perfect Pear and cheddar risotto

Pear and cheddar risotto. Risotto is an easy, cheap meal for family and friends. Enjoy this vegetarian version made with mature farmhouse Cheddar cheese. Add the mushrooms to the risotto with another ladleful of stock.

Pear and cheddar risotto I tried this recipe without using cheddar and with adding mushrooms. Risotto with Poached Pears is a fantastic main dish to serve to your family or friends. This recipe includes a make-ahead homemade risotto technique. You can cook Pear and cheddar risotto using 9 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pear and cheddar risotto

  1. You need 120 g of risotto rice (Arborio or Carnaroli).
  2. It’s 1 of Conference pear.
  3. It’s 1 of onion.
  4. Prepare 50 g of mature cheddar.
  5. It’s 1 l of hot vegetable stock.
  6. Prepare Half of a glass of ale (or cider?).
  7. It’s of lemon zest or lemon thyme.
  8. Prepare of Olive oil.
  9. Prepare of Salt and pepper.

Classic risotto is made with short grain rice (typically arborio) because of that starchy quality. But for this recipe I use short grain brown rice, because it is more nutritious than white rice. Vegetarian brown rice risotto with green peas, fresh dill and cheddar cheese. Risotto is an easy, economical meal for family and friends – it just requires a little patience when you make it.

Pear and cheddar risotto step by step

  1. Chop the onion finely..
  2. Heat 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a non stick pan and add a pinch of salt. Fry the onions for a few minutes on low heat..
  3. In the meantime, chop the pear in 1 cm cubes. Once the onions are golden, add the pears to the pan..
  4. After a couple of minutes, add the rice and toast it for one minute or so mixing continuously..
  5. Remove from heat to cool down the pan. Then add the ale and mix until it stops sizzling. Return the pan on the hob, on low heat..
  6. Start adding stock, one ladleful at a time while stirring the risotto..
  7. Guess what…keep stirring! And adding more stock when the risotto gets dry. It should simmer and be moist – you'll see the starch come out and look creamier the more you stir..
  8. It should take about 20 minutes to cook, but you're the best judge. Keep it al dente!.
  9. Remove from heat, add grated cheddar and lemon zest or lemon thyme. Mix well. Season with salt, pepper and olive oil..

This delicious vegetarian version is made with This delicious vegetarian version is made with mature Cheddar cheese. British Cheedar is the best in the world. So make sure you check the label. Inspired by a delicious apple-sorrel risotto from one of my favorite restaurants, I had to try a version using celery and pears. I like using Romano since it is a bit saltier and sharper than Parmesan, making additional salt unnecessary.

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